Are You Looking For People To Sell Your Replica Watches In North America?

I hope to purchase at least two to five more watches from your company so the discounts will save me some money. I did not see any option to pay with Western Union. I only saw the credit card method to pay and a PayPal link that did not work. How do I pay using Western Union? I know I’ll be buying more watches and want to save the 15% or more whenever possible. I will be telling all my friends and family about your great business and very friendly staff. Does your company ever have sales? Now that I’m a customer will I automatically be notified of any sales?

I received my watch, Rolex #1170 and Rolex Luxury Version Box # 3056, yesterday and I have two honest comment to make. First, the watch was absolutely wonderful and every bit as nice as the picture on your website. However the box was broken at the hinges and the green paper was separating off the box. There are black plastic pieces by the hinges that were broken in half on both sides. It can not be fixed to look original and not repaired. I bought this watch box because the watch I bought was a gift and now I can not use the box that I paid almost $60 for. I don’t think the person who shipped the package took the Rolex box out to inspect it for problems because he would have noticed the box hinges were broken as well as the two pieces of black plastic by the box hinges were also broken in half. I was also very happy with how fast the watch came. I am going to place another order today for another one or two Rolex replica watches and I also need a replacement Rolex box for the broken one I got. You mentioned that on my next order I could save 15% or more using Western Union. I hope that you can also help me out with a replacement box, as it’s too expensive to send it back to Hong Kong and wait for a replacement box. I will be placing another order today after I hear back from you.

I will be happy to take pictures of the broken box when I get home from work tonight. On a different note I had asked about the 15% discount you mentioned I would get on my next order if I paid using Western Union. After I send you pictures of the broken box I am going to place another order of one or two more watches and was wondering if the 15%+ discount will be automatically calculated or do I have to enter the discount manually by using a code? I was also wondering if your company had another replica watch website? Again thank you very much. Are you looking for people to sell your watches in North America? I would be very interested in doing that so we both could make lots of money!