Can You Replace The Rolex Replica Watches You Sent Me Or Not?

I cant except the Rolex Replica UK as it was not the one I ordered and I do not like the so called newer model which is inferior in just about every way it can be. I will pick other rolex replica watches if you cannot send me the rolex replica watches I want, but i am not paying nearly $90 for something I do not like and is clearly a cheaper Rolex Replica Watches in every respect.

If you agree I will email you the link to the Rolex Replica Watches I want instead so there can be no mistakes. Im getting tired of e mailing you now. Can you replace the rolex replica watches you sent me or not? I have to honestly say that this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. look at the the picture of the rolex replica watches you sent me and the rolex replica watches that I wanted.

There are numerous differences which I pointed out in a previous e mail. At least give me a refund if you’re not willing to swap and I will send these rolex replica watches back. They are still in the shrink wrap.

Please respond asap as this is getting very frustrating. I will send you the rolex replica watches uk back when I have confirmation that the new rolex replica watches uk I choose has been shipped and I expect to be reinbursed with the cost of delivery to send these rolex replica watches back to you. I think you will agree that this is perfectly fair under the circumstances.