The Patek Philippe 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph Watch With A Black Dial

The original 5960, released in 2006 was the first in-house chronograph produced by Patek so it’s not surprising that the brand would want to make sure they get these steel iterations just right in that it pleases collectors, enthusiasts, and of course, aspirational Replica Watches UK fans.

The opaline/silver dial with black and red touches was a success but I don’t think I’m alone in preferring the newer black dial watch. Sporty, modern, and carrying an undoubtedly impressive movement, Patek Philippe Replica Watches have successfully created a lust worthy piece here for those of us who respect tradition without being burdened by the weight of dusty and unchanging style.

Things are flipped around from the silver dialed model, with the date/day/month apertures, hour markers, and outer ring of the monopusher contrasting against the black dial and looking a lot more harmonious. Personally, I felt the black framing of the date/day/month apertures on the previous model looked too stark. I think the best way I can put it is that they almost felt like black eyes on the face of the dial, though that might sound a little harsher than I intend.

These Swiss Replica Watches look more like a pair of glasses that look like a natural fit and attractively frame one’s face. The power reserve indicator right at 12 o’clock still bothers me and just looks awkward, though the functional purpose of the complication is hard to deny. And of course, the white outer ring of the monocounter indicates the chronograph hours, with the inner rings indicating the chronograph minutes.

Patek Philippe Is Hoping To Boost Interest And ThereforeSales Of The 5270

Speaking of the dial, the big news here is the salmon color of the dial and, my god, what an effect it has. Salmon dials have long been associated with rare and special Pateks and so it is interesting that Patek Philippe  replica watches decided to release a 5270 with a salmon dial.

Enthusiasts will know that despite boasting a superior manufacture movement, the 5270 hasn’t fared so well and has thus far remained in the shadow of its predecessor, the 5970, which has a Lemania-based movement.

It is hard to say exactly why, but it is clear that Patek Philippe replica uk is hoping to boost interest and therefore sales of the 5270 with this new model.