I Have Had Two Rolex Replica Watches Off You

As you will see I have had two Rolex replica watches off you the first one had a faulty clasp, the second one from day one the clasp wont open but with all the hassle I just couldn’t be bothered to get back to you however I have once again took it to a jeweller who also cant get the clasp to open and have said the only way is with force and may damage the watch and the clasp may not work after.

I wasn’t going to bother getting back in touch because of the hassle I have had however the watch now keeps losing time and is consistently behind by around 8 minutes.

I understand that this is a fake watch however I paid £100 pounds for something that is purely no good to anyone.

I would like a full refund on this watch as it is no use to anyone, I have contacted citizens advise who advised me that I am well with in my rights for a full refund as these goods a clearly faulty.

I am sorry but the offer of sending me a replacement bracelet is unacceptable, it would leave the problem in my hands to have the bracelet fixed. I would have to spend time and money locating a jeweller/watchmaker or handy-man to re fix the replacement bracelet. I am a 72 old pensioner and do not possess the fine screwdrivers and tools needed to replace the bracelet and in any case it should not be down to me to have to. if you have agents over here in the UK to solve the problem OK.
otherwise please send me a return postage paid label  to send the replica watches UK back to you so you can send me a replacement.