I Prefer A Refund On The Breitling Replica Watch

I have just received the above watch yesterday. I wore it today and by lunchtime it had broken.

Part of the clasp that holds the mechanism in place has come away. It’s a metal plate that holds the spring and clip together.

Needless to say the watch is now not fit for purpose, I am lucky it got caught up in my sleeve or I might have lost it completely!

I would like to request your returns procedure for when damage occurs, and I would be happy to send the watch back to you .

I would like a refund as I now don’t trust this issue would happen again with a replacement product. I would like this refund to included all the bank fees associated with this purchase both in buying it and refunding it. I would expect to be refunded or have you pay for and organise the return of the product.

I believe this is a fair request, I am prepared to take this further if I need to but I don’t expect to have to follow this through as I’m sure your aftercare and customer service is up to the above requests!

The new watch is fine. I would like the same model as I have now.

I feel in the circumstances, as it’s clear in the images I sent you that the watch is faulty, that it is not unreasonable to get you to pay for postage! Especially as I had the extra bank charges on the original purchase which wasn’t made clear before payment?

This would be a satisfactory conclusion seeing as I’m sure British standards and laws must relate to your company with regards after care and damaged goods.

The Breitling replica watches I ordered have two faults . When I wind the dial, the date never changes when you circle 24 hours. It is stuck on the date it came with. I have tried several different times. The green dot at the top of the winding piece doesn’t look anything like the photo. In the photo, it looks legit. On the one I got, it looks like a blob of lime green paint was just placed there.

I took it to my friend who owns a jewelry store and he said the date just doesn’t move when you wind the side knob.

You guys offered me a discount for the international charges on my credit card bill previously. And now a discount for a watch that doesn’t work.

I prefer just to either be billed honestly or get a watch that works when I order one.

I have no issue with the Hublot. But, I prefer a refund on the Breitling – the date doesn’t work and as I said, the green dot at the top of the dial isn’t the green dot white outline as shown in the pictures. It is a blob of green paint that isn’t even a circle.

I would rather not pay shipping. I paid shipping the first time, I shouldn’t be penalized for receiving a watch that doesn’t work.

You promised me a future discount for the international charge on my credit card .

Now you’re promising a future discount for sending me a broken watch. Not so sure I want any more watches from you guys after the Breitling one was this bad.

The Breitling doesn’t look right with the lob of green paint and the date doesn’t change. It’s not usable. I prefer a refund – I bought something and it is unusable.

The Hublot is great and there are no issues with it – I only want a refund for the Breitling watch.

So I came down to the following replica watches UK:

– Audemars Piguet 28035 with extra rubber strap. With which clasp does this watch come?

– Panerai 153310. With which clasp does this watch come?

– Alain Silberstein 49029 with extra red and blue rubber strap. With which clasp does this watch come?

– Cartier 11366 with extra nylon black strap and extra rubber black strap. With which clasp does this watch come?

I want them all water proof. It would be better if you could send me photos of the clasps and extra straps in order to be sure that no mistake occurs. I will pay you with Master card. I don’t want express shipping, just the cheapest. Please give me your best price in order to show to my customers and proceed with further orders.