I Want The Original Yachtmaster Replica Watch

Looked on your site for a Yachtmaster automatic full gold with a white face , you don’t have one. You only appear to have Yachtmaster11 full gold. I want the original Yachtmaster. Do you have that model?

Or a Rolex  Date Just full gold no diamonds Batons, just plain gold  bezel & president bracelet you don’t appear to have that watch either ?

The watch has been working the last few days but today one of the wrist band links came apart and the watch feel off my wrist and onto the floor while I was in grocery store. When the watch hit the floor the lens all cracked. This watch really is junk.

Either issue me a refund or replace the watch. If not, I will fill a complaint with my credit card company to reverse the charges under the Consumer Protection Act. I will then go on all social media sites and warn everyone not to buy your junk.

I am unable to track item using tracking number its also asks for verification code which I don’t have. Please can you check and let me know when to expect delivery. Also I was under the impression this was a site in the UK but the watch is being shipped from abroad and taking a lot longer. This was to be an Xmas present.

Watch arrived today but sadly is faulty. When attempting to set the time and date the winder came detached from the watch. When it’s reinserted the watch fails to work. Please advice on next action.

Did you see the picture the winder is detached from the body of the watch. I have other men’s Rolex replica watches and this does not happen to them. There is an obvious fault with the winder mechanism for it to be pulled out to become detached.

When I reinsert it and screw it on, the dials move as well.  No matter what position I pull the winder out the dials move when winding. Also due to this the date also can not be changed.