The Cartier Santos De Cartier Skeleton Is A Step In The Right Direction

The finishing gets better the closer you get. That’s because the first impression from afar is that of a machined look, with the extensive brushed surfaces and the industrial ambiance enforced by the grey wheels and gears and springs that peek back at you from within.

The anglage however is nicely done, even if that too has an unmistakably machined look. If these are done by hand, then Cartier Replica Watches has to accept my apologies – and perhaps invite us to visit the manufacture and see how these are done over there…

Because if I follow the shiny lines along the edges of the plates what I see is a CNC machine running along them – and not a craftsman sitting there with a tiny tool hand-polishing these edges. It has to be said though, that even on very high-end pieces from some very high-end brands (large or otherwise), anglage is pre-done by the extremely capable CNC machines that are becoming more and more omnipresent in the industry – and the edges are only to be touched up and polished.

On ultra-high-end stuff is where you can expect sharp internal corners where the two edges come together into a point, unlike the round, CNC’ed corners that are visible on so many Replica Watches UK – including this one.