The Replica Watch Is Nothing Like You Have Described

I used to work in a jewellers and have taken many links out of bracelets but none have ever fallen apart on me like this.

Rolex Replica Watch

Surely not providing goods that are of good standard would decrease your business sales and give you a bad reputation.

Please can you send a replacement bracelet so my daughter can wear the watch.

Rolex Replica Watch

I’m one of your customers and I have been trying to purchase watch item number 7104 and watch item number 1433 the information page is not allowing me to do so I just want to place my order and pay for the items also is there any chance of you replacing my damaged watch with item number 1433 which is around the same price I would take as a good will gesture and hope to buy more products from you in the near future.

I put order in for two new replica watches UK and asked if instead of sending new clasp can you send me new watch because it will be a problem getting someone to fix it. As I have said before I will take this as a good will gesture and would look forward to buying more watches in the near future. The order number for new items is 14327382 the item numbers are 7104 ,1433 and the one I am asking to be replaced is 4131.

Rolex Replica Watch

I have attached 2 photos. The first is your photo, which you allegedly took yourself of your actual watches. The second is what we have received from you.

– 50 year anniversary should be 1962-2012 not 2013

– bottom small round circle number should be of 1-12 not 10-60

– and no numbers should be visible around the big numbers on the outer skirt.

Rolex Replica Watch

The whole idea of us buying from you was that you stated you have taken the pictures yourself, which is quite the same to the original watch. The watch is nothing like you have described.

The watch is working fine but once adjusted the crown will not go back in, it just keeps popping back out. If you spend about ten minutes it will finally stop in.  Please  help as I cannot afford to have lost £100. I am 75 years old and although it is a copy it is something I have always wanted.

My daughters have also checked the watch ( who is a doctor) and they cannot get the crown to stay in after adjustment.